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Enregistré à Staccato (Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire) du 9 au 11 avril 2018 par Bruno Brevet.
Mixé par Eric Bodard à Staccato.
Masterisé par Tonio Révon.

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released May 29, 2018

Pitch : Chant
Riko : Batterie et chœurs
Jean-Benoît : Basse et chœurs
Antoine : Guitare et chœurs


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substance Nantes, France

Fabricants de punk love depuis décembre 2017.

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Track Name: department store
Department Store

(T'attendant au supermarché, je ne peux résister à l'appel des offres promotionnelles. A la fin, je suis tout seul, sans un sou, et avec des sacs pleins de conneries.)

For more than two hours, I've been waiting for you
In this supermarket where now I'm feeling blue
I walked around between plastic toys and junk food
I lost myself watching all the consumer goods

Sales promotions, special offers surrounded me
How could I resist, I was left in misery ?
I felt so bad, I thought that I could breath no more
I was prisoner of the department store

I bought a TV set and a brand new cell phone
I bought a lot of stuff but I'm still all alone
I'm feeling sick and sad, I've got no money left
My bags are full of shit and I got into debt
Track Name: the substance
The Substance

(La substance remplit le vide et calme la douleur. La vie était sympa, mais il est temps de s'en aller.)

Here comes the substance
Right in my head
Fills my ignorance
Calms down the pain
I won't remember
No more remains
Here comes the substance
My selfish claim

Many things were so nice here
But now it's time to blow
I ain't got no fear
I'm ready to go
Many things were so nice here
But now it's time to blow
I ain't got no fear
I'm ready to go
Track Name: I and I
I and I

(Je cherche quelqu'un pour me remplacer, j'en ai marre de ce moi qui se fout de ma gueule. J'ai envie de me balader tout seul sur la grève ensoleillée.)

I'm looking for somebody who could replace me
Cause I'm fed up with myself, I want to break free
Where is the gentle spirit I used to adore ?
It's worse and worse, I can't stand it anymore

I want to walk alone
Under the sun, along the sea
Be on my own
No one inside my brain
No one to criticize, to laugh
Or to complain

I'd like to move from myself, my worst enemy
Can I get some loneliness to take care of me
I just need to be no one, even for few nights
Otherwise my life will surely end into a fight
Track Name: burning tree
Burning Tree

(Je suis un arbre en flammes, bientôt une poignée de charbon et de cendre. Regarde les feuilles tourbillonner. Nulle part où se cacher, il faut faire face au chaos.)

You know I'm a burning tree
Soon I will be a fistful of
Ashes and coal

Watch the leaves how they whirl
The way they fall down to the sea
How could it be ?

Future supports no demand
It's made of sand that you can't keep in hand
No use to try to escape
No hiding place, got to face the mess

They think they are made of rock
But that's just marble for gravestones
It's so funny
They will gain no benefit
Being in step, watching their feet
They'd better pray
Track Name: the weather's fine
The weather's fine

(Je ne me rappelle plus trop ce que j'ai fait cette nuit. Il fait beau aujourd'hui, c'est un bon jour pour s'envoler.)

This morning I woke up my head against the floor
I couldn't remember and I still can't no more
What I've done last night, well I don't know
I cannot remember, I can't oh no no no

The sky is blue, the weather's fine
There's no more clouds, the sun is high
The sky is blue, the weather's fine
Today is a good day to fly

Baby you stare at me but I can't say a word
I don't belong to here, I'm from another world
And now you're crying, it's useless don't do that
I'm far away from here, baby I won't come back

Today is a good day to die

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